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Gambling City Editorial Staff is more than just a gambling portal.  It is an information hub, where comprehensive coverage of casino industry news and events meets in-depth analysis of the latest regional, national and international gaming issues. 


The people behind this news and analysis are the editors at More than mere writers, they are longstanding fans of casino games.  Among them is a former casino Blackjack dealer, a legal analyst specializing in international gambling law and a stock trader turned statistics specialist. 


Collectively, the Gambling City Editorial Staff represents the most well-informed and the most diverse group of gambling journalists on the web.  Their coverage is comprehensive and their perspective is unique. 


Read the below biographies to see why Gambling City is #1 when it comes to news and information.  To share your ideas and opinions, send us an email via our Contact Us page.


Senior Editor -
Amanda Carter was introduced to gambling legislation while interning in a Sydney, Australia law office where she worked on cases related to Victoria’s Gambling Act of 2003 and wrote for the Financial and Consumer Rights Council’s online gambling page. After graduation from law school, she worked as a researcher.  She left her job in 2008 and now works as a freelance writer and Gambling City’s “legal analyst.”
Max Avery started playing craps before he could talk. He grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana where, he says “street craps are a way of life.” While studying English Literature at Tulane University, he ran a weekly Craps game in his dormitory.  It was there that he realized how much he knew about the game.   Today, he plays craps online and writes for several online gaming publications.
Victor Pereira is a professional journalist and part-time “pro” poker player – pro in quotes because he spends a lot of time at the tables but has yet to win more than $100 in a single hand. When not playing Texas Holdem, he “settles for” Blackjack. Pereira lives in Las Vegas with his wife and two children.
Jason Ferguson is a former financial analyst turned writer. He spent five years working the floor at the London Stock Exchange, where he came to the conclusion that trading is a lot like gambling: "Sometimes luck is on your side, sometimes it isn’t."  "Most investors believe a trader's portfolio reflects his talent. Really, it's chance."  His preferred gambles are Roulette and Baccarat.
Matt Hwang is a former Blackjack dealer currently living in New York. He has worked as a professional dealer at casinos in Prague, Italy and Atlantic City, as well as on several European Cruise Ships.  Now retired, he plays Blackjack with friends, whom he instructs in the art of card counting.  In addition to writing for Gambling City, he is a professional magician and performs at local New York events.
James Santiago is an American writer currently living in Capetown: "my wife is South African."  He studied journalism at the New School and Cooper Union School of Continuing Education, both in New York.  He grew up playing card games with his father and is a devoted fan of Texas Holdem.  He plays Caribbean Poker, Pai Gow Poker and Blackjack when he wants to "give his mind a break from all the strategizing."  


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