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Gambling NewsWill Beach Life Break "Biggest Jackpot" Record?

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Will Beach Life Break "Biggest Jackpot" Record?

By max avery Sunday, December 11, 2011
max avery
Will Beach Life break "Biggest Jackpot" record?

We have covered the current Beach Life progressive jackpot story extensively. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we're doing it again. The giant progressive jackpot now stands at an incredible €4.26 million, and though heavily reported in both gaming and non-gaming media, has yet to be won.


The online casino world starting buzzing about the Beach Life progressive jackpot back in November, when it reached €3.49 million. In the time since, it has increased by more than €750,000, an average of €52 per minute.


At that rate, it will exceed the total of the biggest progressive jackpot ever won by mid-February. That jackpot was an incredible €6.3 million, and was won by a Greek bettor playing Mega Moolah.


However, in order for the Beach Life progressive jackpot to break the "Biggest Jackpot Ever Won" record, it would have to remain un-won for the next two months.


According to industry insiders, this isn't likely. More players bet on progressive jackpots during the holidays. Though this also means the jackpot will grow faster - 3% of every bet wagered by every person playing Beach Life at a Playtech Casino is added to the jackpot - it will also mean more potential players will bevvying for the win.


In order to take home the Beach Life progressive jackpot, players must wager the max bet on all of the game's paylines and align five sun symbols on the 20th payline.


Nearly all Playtech casinos are hosting the Beach Life progressive jackpot. Among these are Titan Casino, Europa Casino and Swiss Casino.

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