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Gambling News"All In: The Poker Movie" Making Waves Among Poker Supporters And Opponents

"All In: The Poker Movie" Making Waves Among Poker Supporters and Opponents

By Matt Hwang Saturday, April 07, 2012
Matt Hwang
"All In: The Poker Movie" Making Waves Among Poker Supporters and Opponents

A new film about poker, titled "All In: The Poker Movie," is making waves among both supporters and opponents of gambling.



The documentary, directed by Douglas Tirola, stars a number of professional poker players and hollywood heavyweights. Among these are Chris Moneymaker, Annie Duke, Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu, as well as Oscar winner Matt Damon, country singer Kenny Rodgers and TV and public radio host Ira Glass.


The film's cast members espouse the merits of poker, sharing their views on everything from Black Friday to winning strategies. It also features clips from renowned writers of poker books and others who have contributed to the poker business.


Some are speculating that "All In: The Poker Movie" will do for poker what "21" did for blackjack (i.e. bring it to an enormous mainstream audience). Others, however, believe that "All In" is merely propaganda aimed at strengthening the case for legal online poker.


In a recent NY Times Movie Review, journalist Neil Genzlinger wrote that the film is "so padded with cheerleading that it doesn't have time for a serious exploration of poker's place in the broader culture or the consequences of its rapid rise and global reach."


Genzlinger does, however, admit that "All In" does a good job of chronicling the history of the game, in particular Chris Moneymaker's 2003 WSOP win and its effect on the online poker industry.


"All In: The Poker Movie" will be screened in several theaters throughout the U.S. It can also be viewed online or purchased as a DVD.

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