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Gambling NewsTitan Poker's New Hall Of Hands Feature Turns Players Into TV Stars

Titan Poker's New Hall of Hands Feature Turns Players into TV Stars

By Max Avery Monday, November 26, 2012
Max Avery

Titan Poker is introducing a revolutionary new feature that is unlike anything the poker world has seen before. The new offering is called Hall of Hands, and it lets players convert their online poker actions to a poker TV show complete with real life actors, running commentary and a hole cards camera.


The new Hall of Hands feature is exclusive to Titan Poker and cannot be found at any competitor sites. Here's how it works:


  • Hall of Hands records player poker hands directly in the Titan Poker software. 
  • Once recorded, players can review their hand history and edit the hands they prefer - whether victories, bad beats or rare hands - into a personalized video represented by real life actors. 
  • Once completed, the movie can be emailed to friends, posted on Twitter and/or uploaded to facebook.



The most unique aspect of the feature - apart from the fact that it lets every player feel like a poker champ - is how closely the film resembles actual televised poker tournament coverage.



The video begins with a wide angle shot of all players seated at the poker table and an introduction of the "spotlight player" (the Titan Poker member that created the movie). The announcer indicates his standings and position at the table and the action commences.


The film's camera veers quickly from player to player, and employs close-up, inside and wide-lens shots to catch all the action. Its commentator summarizes the action succinctly and, often, humorously. Realistic sound effects include obvious choices like clinking chips and applause, as well as background conversations and mobile phone ringtones. 


The movie screen shows all of the information found on an actual televised poker tournament, including player hands, pot size, pot odds and more. Each player is uniquely outfitted - from James Bond suit and tie to Harley Davidson bandana and glasses, 1970's white tuxedo to seductive cocktail dress for the ladies. 


Markers on the video run time indicate pre-flop, flop, turn and river, so players can easily click back to and review crucial moments in the hand (versus viewing the entire video again in order to find a single action). 


The film ends with an option to replay, send via email or post to Twitter and/or facebook.


The Hall of Hands feature can be found at under the 'Getting Started' tab.


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