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Online Roulette

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Online Roulette

If you've already been seduced by online roulette and want to find out where to play, visit our directory of today's top online casinos. There you will find several great places to spin the wheel, including our favorite spot for online roulette, Europa Casino.


If you're less familiar with the game and want to learn the rules before placing your bet, read on. Our comprehensive game guide includes everything you’ll need to know to play smart and play to win.


Roulette rules, strategy, odds and tips, as well as online casino reviews that suggest the best places for playing real cash and free games are all here. 


Click the below links for more information on each of the above topics.


Rules & How to Play

Online roulette games offer several bet options, including "straight up" and several varieties of “inside” bets, as well as double bets and column bets. These combinations provide an array of strategies and betting possibilities. Understanding how each can help or hurt your game is essential before you throw your chips on the table. In life, playing by the rules can be quite boring, but to undertake roulette gambling and win, a few simple rules must be followed.

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Strategy—How to Win at Online Roulette

Neither a wheel nor a ball has memory.  Translation: You are as likely to hit ten blacks in a row a you are to hit ten reds. The implications here are that no strategy for winning exists. While that may be relatively true when compared with online casino games like Poker or Blackjack, it does not mean that there are not certain principles that govern the game and betting behaviors that determine who wins and who loses in the long run.

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Play Free No Download Online Roulette

Online games offer many advantages over their real-life versions. Among these is the fact that nearly every online casino offers free no download online roulette. These free versions give you the opportunity to evolve into a better player by allowing you to practice, play and test your strategies before betting actual cash. This option is only featured in online casinos and cannot be found in their land-based counterparts.

Play Online Roulette Games For Free

Odds, Bets and Probabilities

Gambling City experts explain the numbers and likelihood of landing on a given number or number combination. When compared with other games, calculating probabilities here is quite simple. Understanding them, their payouts and their resultant house edge, is a little more difficult.  However, understanding the odds you face when selecting the number on which to bet is important and will, ultimately, make you a bigger winner. 

Read more on Roulette Odds and Statistical Probabilities


Tips & Basic Dos and Don’ts

Employing a few simple tactics will increase your win/loss ratio no matter which type of wheel—American or French—you are playing on.  None of them will earn you millions instantly, but their combined effect will see you playing longer and either losing less or winning more than in past play. 

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Game History

General consensus asserts that the roulette wheel was invented in the mid 17th century and the first games were played in monasteries to alleviate boredom among monks. The game's history, perhaps more than any other, is fascinating and quirky and involves a great deal of scientific investigation. Learn more about it in this fascinating arcicle.

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Game Glossary

Does your mind turn “inside-out” with the thought of “inside bets vs. outside bets”? Do you feel like you’re out in the street at the idea of a “street bet”? Do you face a crossroads when thinking of a “corner bet”? We can help you resolve all of these issues with our quick game glossary. Once you learn the language of the game, you won’t sound like you have an IQ of “double-zero”. 

Read the Definitive Guide to Roulette Terminology


Game Summary

If nobility exists among online casino games, then online roulette is king. This exciting game has been a favorite among notable gambling fans since the 18th century. It is even rumored that a young Napoleon Bonaparte was mesmerized by the wheel and played regularly in Monte Carlo.


Its seductiveness stems from the combined effects of its simple design and the nervous excitement it inspires: a big bet is placed on a small ball and fortunes are won and lost in seconds.


Its ability to distill our every hope and desire, and focus it on the single spin of a wheel is what has kept it at the head of the casino games’ class.  The game is so fashionable that many brick and mortar casinos reserve a large part of their floor for its tables, and attribute much of their success to its continued popularity.


The advent of the internet and the proliferation of online casino games have only served to increase this popularity, delivering online roulette to desktops around the world and to the homes of players who would not otherwise endure the expense and hassle of travel to land casinos.


The principle of an online roulette game – house rules not withstanding – is awe-inspiringly simple: place your chip(s) on a number or a combination of numbers on the table; spin the wheel; watch the ball circle the wheel; wait, wait, wait for the wheel to stop spinning as your adrenalin rises; and check, when it does, on which number the ball landed. If it is the number(s) you selected, you win.


Casino and online roulette are both that simple and that hard, which is what makes them so exciting.


However, understanding the game in detail—whether the French or American version—is recommended before you go betting your bankroll on lucky number seven.  Read the above game instructions and tips pages to prepare you for your time at the wheel. 


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