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Online slots are among the most popular of casino games. It follows, then, that the demand for a free practice version would be popular as well. Hence, the proliferation of free online slots games.

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Most gaming sites now offer patrons the chance to play free slots. These free, flash versions of the standard live and online casino machines are a great way to learn the rules of the game and figure out its functionality.

If you’re new to the slots world, read on for rules, odds and strategic advice.

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Free online slot machine games very closely resemble the live online slots games seen in brick and mortar casinos. Both are games that are based on luck. Still, your behavior - everything from whether you choose to play progressives to how much you wager on each spin - has an impact on your overall win to loss ratio.

With this in mind, we offer the top three tips for winning at both real money and free online slot games:

1)  Change machines if you don’t win something within 10 plays – While it’s true that each spin of the cash and free slots machine is unique (i.e. “cold” machines are not “due” to hit), you don’t want to be passive in your approach to play. Both pay to play and free slots are governed by random number generators [RNGs] that produce outcomes which cannot be affected by player strategy, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot maintain some control over your bankroll. Players that spend hours dumping cash into the same machine without any return are known in the slots business as “zombies”, and you know them when you see them – eyes glazed over, shoulders hunched. Don’t be a zombie. If you don’t get some payout – whether real cash or at free slots online – within 15 minutes or so, change machines.

2) Bet the max to get closer to the big daddy jackpot – Nearly all slots with jackpots only pay out the big prize to players who bet max credits. Though we don’t advise betting above your bankroll, it’s important to remember that if you’re looking specifically for progressive slots – whether online slots or live casino games – avoiding max bets renders your search useless. Create a budget that allows you to bet max credits comfortably – say, x number of bets for x number of hours – and stick to it. In doing so, you can satisfy both your quest for the slots jackpot and your desire to play within your budget.

3)  Quit while you’re ahead – This is not an issue, of course, in free slots games. But if you’re playing cash slots, be sure to set a budget (as we said in point #2) and stick to it. Stop playing if you’ve lost more than you anticipated, and definitely stop playing if you’ve won. Often, due to a combination of exhaustion and reflex, players keep pressing the button even after they’ve won. Pouring your profits back into the machine is like putting your cash in paper shredder. In short, don’t do it. Beyond that, play free slots with confidence. The whole point of free slots games is to let you learn the game’s mechanics in a low risk atmosphere. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our free slots game.

If you want to try your turn at a real money game, many of the top gaming sites issue free bonuses with no deposit required. Europa Casino and Casino Tropez are both currently offering $/£/€ 10 (no strings attached) to those who sign up through Gambling City. Good luck and enjoy your game. 

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