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Online Video Poker

Online video poker is becoming increasingly popular among casino games. Gambling City’s extensive collection of in-depth articles show you how to play and win.  We cover everything from rules to history to all the tips and tricks you’ll need to master the machine.


If you're a seasoned player and just want to get to the casino, skip this page and go directly to our online casino reviews. We'll help you find a site that's right for you. 


Two of our favorite destinations are Europa Casino and 888.  Be sure to take advantage of the exclusive bonuses awarded to those who access these casinos through our site.


If you’re new to the game or need to brush up on its rules and strategies, read the articles listed below by clicking on their corresponding links.

Game Rules

This game's rules incorporate a little bit of slots and a whole lot of poker knowledge. Your goal is to make the best hand of the five cards you are dealt. Do this by discarding and replacing cards that do not benefit you. Gambling City’s game guide teaches you how to play video poker online with articles on hand rankings, game flow, betting and more. When it comes to this game, we wrote the video poker book.

Read more on Video Poker Rules


Winning Strategy

Developing a good video poker strategy is the only way to maximize your payback. While no all-encompassing strategy exists, there are a few fundamentals that lay the groundwork for knowing what to hold and when to fold. Learn them here.

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Free Games

The game's basic rules are surprisingly simple, but if your goal is to minimize the house edge and maximize your winnings, you’ll need a fair amount of practice and a decent memory. But where do you get this practice before wagering actual cash? The answer: free games. No-bet machines let you perfect your strategy without breaking your bank.

Play Free Video Poker Games


Odds & Probabilities

Game odds vary depending on the version you’re playing, but clear-cut numbers for initial deal odds and odds on the draw do exist. Since less than 1% of hands played include the same five cards received on the deal, and more than 60% of hands played include only two cards going into the draw, it is a good idea to become familiar with this game's probabilities.

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Dos and Don’ts of the Game

Looking for a quick, easy-to-read list of all the game's rules and regulations? Read our Do's and Don'ts page. It's a sort of VP "cheat sheet" for the player with a short attention span. There are, contrary to popular belief, some hard and fast rules to playing this game. Get them here.

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History of the Game

This game's lineage is fairly short, given that it requires video and CGI. But the precursors to casino video poker games were introduced more than a century ago, when coin operated machines that showed playing cards on reels were invented. From this game of luck was born the popular version we play today.

Read more on Video Poker History


Glossary—Terms and Definitions Used in Online Play

Playing a game well requires mastering its language. Part slots lingo and part poker slang, understanding this game's terminology is vital for those hoping to break its bank. Click the link below to access the best game glossary online.

Read the Video Poker Glossary



This game's history dates back to the mid 1970’s, when the Nevada-based Fortune Coin Company developed a play-for-pay version that combined the excitement of video bell slot machines with Draw Poker. Players went crazy for the hybrid game and it is now one of the most sought after casino gambles online.


To learn video poker rules is quite simple. They mirror those of classic Draw Poker. Playing requires a single click on the "Deal/Draw" button, after which your cards are dealt.


As with all card games, the objective is to hold the winningest hand. Improving the value of your hand requires knowing when to “hold” and when to “discard.” Those cards you get rid of will be replaced with others after you click on the “Deal/Draw” button.


To the uninitiated, video poker online may seem nothing more than a combination slot machine/poker game. But to those in the know, it possesses two unique qualities.


Most important, its house edge is lower than nearly all other betting games. Trumped only by blackjack, Jacks or Better maintains an average house edge of .46%. Compare that to slots and roulette, whose house edges range from 1% to 25% and 2.7% to 5.26%, respectively.


This game also balances skill with luck, providing an exciting combination of challenge and surprise.  Test your skill and luck today.  Visit our casino reviews page to find the right casino for you, or try a few free games before placing a bet. 


Good luck and remember, if it's Video Poker, it's at Gambling City.



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