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Texas Holdem Strategy

Playing Texas Holdem Poker is one thing.  Acquiring a solid Texas Holdem Poker strategy is another. 


In terms of getting the best possible guidance, Gambling City understands that learning Texas Holdem strategy can be either a piece of cake or a total catastrophe. Everyone’s got a Texas Holdem tip to give. The worth of that Texas Holdem tip depends largely on your teacher.  Some talk too much, others “forget” important details, and most are about as entertaining as your grade 10 chemistry teacher. 


Our Guide to Texas Holdem Strategy is different.  We’ve split it into two sections: Basic Texas Holdem Strategy and Advanced Texas Holdem Poker Strategy.  


Read the below article summaries and click on the link to the strategy page that will best improve your game.   





Holdem Positions : Basic Texas Holdem Strategy I 

Of the many approaches to Texas Holdem strategy that exist, all agree on one basic principle: if you want to win at Texas Holdem, you must understand the importance of your position.


Your position is poker speak for when it’s your turn to act based on where you sit at the table.  The actions you choose (i.e. bet, raise, call, check or fold) will be different when you’re in first position versus when you’re in last. In this regard, a Texas Holdem game is like a battlefield - sometimes you’re in a position to attack, and sometimes your position dictates taking a defensive stance.


The Gambling City Guide to Holdem positions can help you figure out when to charge and when to yield.


Read more on  Positions – Texas Holdem Strategy


Holdem Tells : Basic Texas Holdem Strategy II

Every day and in every situation we are in, we give off involuntary signals that show how we feel, whether bored, excited or afraid.  In a game of poker these minute signals are known as ‘tells’.  In this article, you’ll learn how to read poker players, identify your opponent’s tells and eliminate your own.


Read more on  Poker Tells – Texas Holdem Strategy 





Pre-Flop Texas Holdem Strategy 

Here’s the simple truth about Holdem: two cards can take down the pot in any given hand.  Rookies think this means every starting hand is a good one. Advanced poker players, on the other hand, maintain a strict Texas Holdem poker strategy for selecting which pre-flop starting hands to keep and which to toss. Much of this strategy is determined by their position.


In the below articles, we assess Holdem pre-flop starting hands from each of the three possible playing positions.


Starting Hands from Early Position
Starting Hands from Middle Position
Starting Hands from Late Position


Post-Flop Texas Holdem Strategy

When it comes to what happens after the flop, there’s a lot to know: holding or folding when you hit the top pair; identifying when and how to semi-bluff your way to a strong hand; calculating your out and pot odds; and slowing down play just enough to take down a big pot without giving yourself away when you’ve hit a monster hand.


The Gambling City Guide to Advanced Texas Holdem Strategy addresses all of these in the in-depth articles below. Click on the links for more information.


Top Pair
Slow Play
Out & Pot Odds

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