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GamblingCity - Site Review Screencast

Welcome to, online casino and gambling games guide. This site is the online gaming world's top destination for unbiased online casino reviews, news, and games.

We're just going to give you a quick spin of what we have here.

  • The site's home page lists the top five casinos, as rated by users, and there are exclusive specials for these five top-rated casinos.
  • On the right side of the home page is the latest news and articles posted on our site. These cover different things going on in the online gaming community.
  • On the left side of the home page is a menu that lists different casino games. If you click on one of the games, you get options for reading different pages about the game like rules, strategies that can help you win and free games that you can practice on.
  • We're going to click on the free game right now just to give you a brief idea of how it works.

Here you see that the free game loads right in your window. You don't need to download or sign up for anything. It's going to start playing right away by asking you how much of your play money you want to bet. And then the game deals our cards. I'm going to hit - and this looks like a great hand of blackjack - so we're going to stand and see what we get. And look, I won $8. So this is a great free online game for you to practice and get good at what you're going to do. I'll try once more. Oh, I lost that one here. So, you can just play online for free. And then, of course, if you wanted to start playing with real money, you would just click on the link at the top of the page. We also have all the links to the five top-rated casinos on the left, just like on the home page.

  • Now we'll take a brief moment to go over the casino reviews. We're just going to do a quick demonstration using Casino 770 as our guide.

At the top of each review is a player rating and a casino screen shot with a direct link right to the casino so that, if you decide you like what the review says, you can start playing immediately. The review gives a lot of background information: for example, how long the casino has been in business; why it has such a big or small player base; how is its game quality and selection; what is the average payout rate, etc. Each of the reviews go into great detail. All of them can be found using the Casinos Reviews tab. 888 Casino was the one we just played a moment ago. It talks about different games. This is great if you would like to read about what you're going to get yourself into. is a great website for finding everything you need to know about online casinos.